Technical facilities of the laboratory


  1. System flow cytometry MacsQuant (Miltenyi)
  2. EnVision 2103 plate reader (Perkin Elmer)
  3. FlexStation 3 (Molecular devices)
  4. Q-PCR system in real time StepOne + (Applied Biosystems)
  5. PCR thermal cyclers (Bio-Rad)
  6. ChemiDoc system (Bio-Rad) multiple detection: fluorescence, colorimetry, densitometry, chemiluminescence
  7. Biophotometer D30 (Eppendorf)
  8. Routine microscopes (Leica and Nikon)
  9. Ella (ProteinSimple)
  10. 2 Hypoxia chambers for rodents
  11. Hypoxia system for in vitro studies (Coy Laboratory)
  12. Shear stress system (Ibidi)
  13. Hemodynamic laboratory for rodents